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Specialty Strip Show Elite Raunchy Babes - Layticya Rayne, Mackenzie Rain, Montana, Nikita Sage, Tammy Rose.

Mixed Male and Female 1/2 hr Revue - Nikita Sage and Aaron James.

Up to Strawberry and Cream Raunchy Strip Babes - Angel, Candy, Cassandra, Cassie Elle, Cherri Lee, Chloe Kytten, Coco, Ebony, Felicha Crystal, Jade Winters, Lilly Kay, Lola, Mackenzie Rain, Melody, Mischief, Mischka, Montana, Simone, Sydney.

Hot Vibrator Babes - Amber Eden, Courtney Rose, Collette, Jaden, Krystal, Kitana Kage, Laeticya Rayne, Lilly Kay, Lola, Mary Jane, Madison, Nikita Sage, Pheobe, Scarlet Rose, Skye Summers, Summer Stevens, Tahnia, Taya.

Hotter than Hot Vibrator Babes - Bubble, Caprice Nolan, Carly, Courtney Rose, Indianna, Jasmine B, Jasmine T, Lola, Mia, Milahn, Shayanne, Tammy Rose, Taya.

Anal Vibrator Babes - Carly.

Strap on Vibe Show - Carly.

Fisting Vibe Show - Shayanne.

Tourture Rack Hot Vibe - Taya.

Fully Sick Vibrator Babes - Caprice Nolan, Carly, Jasmine B, Jazzy O, Shayanne, Taya.

Bi Twin Lesbian Double Babes - Nikita Sage and Caprice Nolan, Nikita Sage and Lilly Kay, Caprice Nolan and Mia, Caprice Nolan and Jasmine B, Cherri Lee and Nikita Sage, Jasmine B and Jasmine T, Jasmine B and Mia, Jasmine B and Scarlet, Jasmine T and Mia, Courtney Rose and Krystal, Courtney Rose and Madison, Summer Stevens and Laeticya Rayne, Tammy Rose and Collette, Tammy Rose and Amber Eden.

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AFL Football Teams- Laeticya Rayne, Summer Stevens.

Air Flight Attendant- Skye Summers.

Air Force - Chloe Kytten, Tammy Rose.

Alice In Wonderland - Courtney Rose, Ebony, Kaylee.

Andrew Sisters 1940 Pin Up - Mackenzie Rain.

Angel - Bubbles, Caprice Nolan, Chloe Kytten, Laeticya Rayne, Pheobe, Scarlet, Summer Stevens, Taya.

Angel / Dark - Taya.

Army - Candy, Caprice Nolan, Coco, Krystal, Mary Jane, Mia, Pheobe, Scarlet, Tammy Rose, Tayla .

Austin Powers - Tammy Rose, Tayla.
Baby Doll - Carly.

Bad Kitty - Candy.
Barbie - Caprice Nolan, Mia, Pheobe.

Bat Girl - Ebony, Pheobe.

Beach Babe - Tammy Rose.

Beauty & the Beast - Pheobe.

Bedtime - Laeticya Rayne
Belly Dancer - Candy, Coco, Montana, Pheobe.

Bikie Chick - Candy.
Blue Bird - Mackenzie Rain.
Blues Brothers - Tammy Rose.

Bondage Barbie  - Jasmine Trinity.

Bondage Bunny - Candy.
Bondage Bitch - Amber Eden, Angel, Bridget Lee, Carly, Caprice Nolan, Cassandra, Cherri Lee, Coco, Collette, Ebony, Felicha Crystal, Indianna, Jasmine B, Jessie Jackson, Laeticya Rayne, Mackenzie Rain, Madison, Melody, Mia, Pheobe, Scarlet, Summer Stevens, Taya, Tayla.

Bondage Schoolgirl - Candy, Caprice Nolan, Taya.

Boxer - Caprice Nolan, Courtney Rose, Tammy Rose.

Bride - Madison, Pheobe, Sydney, Taya.

Bumble Bee - Candy.

Bunny Rabit - Lola.

Burlesque - Jade Winters, Kaylee, Lola, Mischka, Montana, Simone, Taya.
Cabaret - Ebony, Mischka .
Cat - Angel, Bridget Lee, Cherri Lee, Ebony, Jasmine Trinity, Krystal, Mackenzie Rain, Pheobe, Sydney.
Cat Woman - Angel.
Calipso - Collette.

Charlie's Angels - Pheobe, Sydney.

Cheerleader - Amber Eden, Caprice Nolan, Pheobe, Simone.

Cherry Bomb - Cherri Lee.

Christmas - Amber Eden, Angel.

Cleopatra - Bridget Lee.

Clown - Tammy Rose.
Cop - Amber Eden, Angel, Bridget Lee, Candy, Caprice Nolan, Carly, Collette, Courtney Rose, Felicha Crystal, Jade, Jaden, Jasmine B, Laeticya Rayne, Melody, Milahn, Nikita, Pheobe, Scarlet, Skye Summers,Tammy Rose, Tayla.
Cowgirl -
Amber Eden, Angel, Bridget Lee, Candy, Caprice Nolan, Carly, Cassandra, Cat, Cherri Lee, Coco, Collette, Ebony, Felicha Crystal, Laeticya Rayne, Mackenzie Rain, Mia, Pheobe, Scarlet, Summer Stevens, Tammy Rose.

Cricket - Laeticya Rayne, Summer Stevens.

Cupid - Laeticya Rayne

Demon - Cherri Lee.
Devil - Angel, Cassandra, Cherri Lee, Lola, Mary Jane, Mia, Pheobe, Scarlet.

Devil Cheerleader - Simone.
Doctor - Mackenzie Rain.
Dominatrix - Cherri Lee, Mary Jane.
Egyptian - Candy, Cassandra.

Fairy / Evil - Candy.

Farm Girl - Sydney.

Fire and Flames - Pheobe.

Fire Woman - Mackenzie Rain, Mary Jane, Milahn, Tammy Rose.

Fire Show - Coco, Mischka, Taya.

Flapper 30's & 40's Swing - Cherri Lee.
Flash Dance - Mackenzie Rain.
Footy Show - Tammy Rose.
Formula 1 - Tahnia.
French Maid - Candy, Caprice Nolan, Cherri Lee, Jade, Jasmine Trinity, Laeticya Rayne, Madison, Mia, Pheobe, Tammy Rose, Scarlet, Skye Summers.
Gangster - Candy, Cat, Collette, Jade Winters, Kaylee, Laeticya Rayne, Milahn, Scarlet, Tayla.

Geisha Girl - Bridget Lee, Jade Winters.
Genie - Cassandra, Pheobe.

German Babe - Jasmine Trinity.
Glamour - Angel, Bubbles, Carly, Indianna, Jasmine Trinity.

Gold Sequin - Amber Eden.
Construction Worker - Tammy Rose.

Gorilla - Tammy Rose.
Gothic Girl - Cherri Lee, Taya.
Grand Prix - Courtney Rose, Ebony.
Harem Girl - Angel.

Hawaiian Girl - Angel.

Heavy Metal Dirty Rock Show - Tahnia.

House of 1000 Corpses Show - Simone.

Indian - Montana, Nikita Sage.
Jail Bird - Courtney Rose.

Jeanie - Taya.

Jessica Rabbit- Bridget Lee.

Jungle Babe - Jade Winters, Laeticya Rayne, Sydney.

Kitten - Candy

Lady Bug - Candy.

Latin - Laeticya Rayne.

Latino -Skye Summers.

Latino (Pink) - Amber Eden.

Leopard - Candy, Sydney.

Life Saver - Tammy Rose.
Living Doll - Mackenzie Rain.

Mafia- Mary Jane.

Marilyn Monroe- Bubbles.
Masquerade - Ebony.
Mechanic - Laeticya Rayne, Tammy Rose.
Misstress - Taya.

Mrs Claws - Candy.
Moulan Rouge - Ebony, Jade, Jessie Jackson, Krystal, Melody, Pheobe, Scarlet, Tayla.

Muppet Show Puppets - Jessie Jackson, Mackenzie Rain.
Navel Officer - Mackenzie Rain, Mia, Pheobe.

No Theme / What Costume?  / Just Toys - Jazzy O Stripper.
Nun - Caprice Nolan, Cherri Lee, Scarlet.

Nun / Devil - Cherri Lee, Summer Stevens.

Nude Strip - Jazzy O Stripper.
Nurse - Amber Eden, Angel, Bridget Lee, Candy, Caprice Nolan, Carly, Collette, Ebony, Felicha Crystal, Jaden, Jade Winters, Jasmine B, Laeticya Rayne, Madison, Mary Jane, Mia, Nikita Sage, Pheobe, Scarlet, Skye Summers, Sydney, Tammy Rose, Tahnia, Taya.
Office Lady - Mia.
Paris Hilton - Caprice Nolan.

Phantom of the Opera - Pheobe.

Pin Up Girl- Jade Winters,
Pink Panther - Tammy Rose.

Pirate - Ebony, Cherri Lee, Courtney Rose, Jade, Jade Winters, Jasmine Trinity, Kaylee, Krystal.
Playboy Bunny - Angel, Candy, Indianna, Jade Winters, Jaden, Krystal, Milahn, Pheobe.

Poison Ivy - Laeticya Rayne

Pretty Woman - Summer Stevens.

Princes - Mary Jane, Pheobe.

Punk - Taya.

Pussy Cat - Simone.
Puppet Show - Indianna.

PVC / Black - Carly, Indianna.

PVC / Red - Indianna.

Queen of Hearts - Pheobe, Simone.
Ragdoll - Krystal.

Red Lady - Pheobe.

Ring Master - Jasmine Trinity.

Robber - Laeticya Rayne, Summer Stevens.

Rock and Roll 50's - Laeticya Rayne
Rocky Horror - Tammy Rose.

Rugby - Laeticya Rayne, Summer Stevens.

Samba - Mischka.

Santa's Little Helper - Angel.
Sailor - Amber Eden, Bridget Lee, Candy, Jade Winters, Mackenzie Rain, Krystal, Skye Summers.
School Girl - Alley May, Amber Eden. Anneyce, Bridgette Lee, Caprice Nolan, Carly, Cassandra Jane, Ebony, Jade, Jasmine B, Kaylee, Katie Rose, Laeticya Rayne, Lilly Kay, Mary Jayne, Milahn, Nikita Sage, Poppi, Samm Rosse, Skye Summers, Summer Stevens, Tammy Rose, Taya.
Secretary - Bubbles, Kristelle, Laeticya Rayne.

Showgirl - Amber Eden, Bubbles, Bridget Lee, Jasmine Trinity, Jessie Jackson, Laeticya Rayne, Mackenzie Rain, Madison, Mia, Scarlet, Simone, Sydney, Taya.

Snow Bunny - Jade Winters.
Snow White - Courtney Rose.

Soccer - Laeticya Rayne, Summer Stevens.

Space Girl - Angel.
Spanish Dancer - Bubbles, Cat, Coco, Jessie Jackson, Laeticya Rayne, Melody, Nikita, Skye Summers.

Sports - Laeticya Rayne, Summer Stevens.
Super Girl - Pheobe.
Swiss Maid - Tammy Rose.
Taxi Driver - Krystal, Simone.

Tennis - Laeticya Rayne,
The Mask - Tammy Rose,

Tomb Raider - Tahnia.
Top Hat and Tails - Krystal.

Vampire - Angel, Laeticya Rayne, Taya.
Voodoo Babe - Bubbles.
Waitress - Scarlet.
Warrior Princess - Tammy Rose.

Wine Stomper Girl - Summer Stevens.
Witch - Bubbles, Cherri Lee, Mary Jane.
Wonder Woman - Montana, Pheobe, Scarlet, Tammy Rose.

X  Max - Pheobe.

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