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Mackenzie Rain Melbourne Elite Stripper.

Bucks Party Saturday 6th December 2008.

Hi Wez, I just wanted to say thanks for helping arrange everything for last
Saturday, 6 December. We had a great party and all the girls were great... It was a nice mix with something for everyone :) I especially liked Mackenzie. I will be sure to recommend you in the future. Regards, Danny.

Work Piss Up Friday 29th August 2008

Mackenzie Rain you are one hot babe, A plus body and real tits to boot. Nice to see a hot brunette in the forest of blonds.

Zamon, Carlton North.

Cricket Club pre season training day, Sunday 23rd September 2007.

Thanks Mackenzie, Your fantastic. Seen your work earlier and liked what I saw. We will have to get you back soon. Thanks heaps Rowan.