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The Hunk-A-Rama Male Stripper Revue is especially choreographed for fundraiser nights, ladies nights and hens parties.

You've seen the others why not book the best! Strip-A-Rama presents to the ladies of Melbourne, the new Hunk-A-Rama Male Revue. For the ultimate in male strip entertainment, with one hour of duo male sensual enticing revue right in your own home or function venue. Guaranteed to leave you and your guests breathless! This male production involves acts of the highest standard and includes a double opening and closing act as well as individual strawberry and cream full nude raunchy strips.  Avaidable in full nude or G string.


The Hunk-A-Rama TRIO Male Stripper Revue is especially choreographed for fundraiser nights and ladies nights.

Two plus Hours full on male revue show with three strippers opening show together, followed by separate strawberry and cream full nude raunchy strips, than a double fireman closing act. Personal Promotion for revue is provided.  Shows involve trick lighting and smoke effects. The ultimate in ladies night entertainment, and great value for money. The perfect show for fundraiser ladies nights and Hotel Functions.

BUT there is more!

The Hunk-A-Rama  Revue is not a back yard production, it is a full male revue and includes trick lighting and smoke effects and a array of costume changes to suit the mood of your function. All male strippers hold accreditations to there names and have toured Australia for various Male Revue Groups.

Shows involve rubbing of oil on their chests and strawberries and cream, but are not messy so don't worry about the rug. The boys require a pleasant clean indoor room with mature ladies that appreciate entertainment not just nudity !! These boys take a lot of pride and time in their shows and appreciate audiences that enjoy them for their entertainment value as appose to just the "take it off" crowd. The revue show runs for one hour, so enjoy the time and make it an occasion - there is no rush !! THIS IS A SENSUAL SHOW NOT A SLEAZY ONE ! They do deliver a powerful performance but prefer to be remembered for the way they delivered it.

Why book a revue show?

Revue shows are more professional, more seductive, the ultimate male revue adult entertainment! This enticing revue remains tasteful but is geared for the ladies that want more. The revue show involves the audience as well as the special girl / girls and incorporates comedy, club and slow dancing, a love song serenade and raunchy choreographed routines.

Who would enjoy this show?

Ladies Nights, Hens Parties, Hotel Functions, Fund Raisers, Divorce Parties or just a group of girls wanting good clean entertainment! Both the strippers and the audience must feel comfortable. The parties above appreciate these shows more as they can be comfortable with their friends. The boys need crowd participation - after all who is going to rub oil on their chests, and indulge in a feast of strawberry's and cream served on a sexy platter of hot male bod ?

NOTE:- All shows incorporate a full comedy routine and plenty of hands on action.


To book now Phone 0417 069 969

or Email for prices and show lists

© Striparama 2005

© Striparama 2005