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Darren Melbourne Male Stripper.

Darren was a winner of 1 of 6 spots on the channel 9 Hit reality tv series Strip Search and subsequently went on to tour for 3 years with Aussie Storm / Manpower.  IN this time he toured USA, New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia whilst also having a stint in Las Vegas. Following his time with Manpower in 1996' Darren accepted a position in Manhattan (New York City) performing exclusively with Hunkmania and Savage Men (from the creators of Chippendales). Darren Has just recently returned to Melbourne Australia and with his international experience and athletic look he will deliver a powerful performance which will definitely make your function one to remember!!

Strip Shows:- G String Strips ONLY

Themes and Costumes:-

Formula one driver, Rocky (Boxer), Naval Officer.

Darren, Melbourne Male Stripper
Friday April 20th at 630pm on channel 10 - free to air- televison will never be the same again!!!   Darren for one night only has replaced his world famous blue-Fire Fosters racing suit with a full length trench-coat (that is momentarily) - and hip thrusted/grinded all (or most of any-way) of the female cast members on Neighbours. Generally with my high-class reputation and international experience - the cost to perform in your lounge room would most defineltly run well into three figures, however for one night only it is complimentary!!! So it will only be a couple of scenes in Neighbours - however that is all Jungle Gym's co-founder needed to enable this episode to be one of the all time greats - and alter censorship laws forever....

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