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Jasmine B Melbourne & Country Victoria Stripper

Jasmine B is one of the top 4 most requested Melbourne Vibe Strippers.

Jasmine's specialty everything but the kitchen sink strip is the super hot show available now for your viewing pleasure, it includes mobile phones, car keys, stubbies, ties, shirts, belts, bottles, beer taps, sweeping the floor with her #*@%, lighting cigarettes, signing her name with a texta on the bux chest as well as any tools sitting around the workshop, for an outrages, over the top unique show book her now. Also available doubled up in her Bondage Bitch Bi-Twin Lesbian lick out and you have the recipe for the hottest in lesbian action in Melbourne.

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Hot Vibe Strip,
Fruit and Veggie Hot Vibe,
Hot Vibe Miss Squiggle Show,

Jasmine's Everything but the Kitchen Sink 30 min Show.

Jasmine's Extended Version of Everything but the Kitchen Sink 45 min Show.,
Bi-Twin Lesbian Double:- Approx 30 min of girl on girl love action.


Bondage Bitch, Cop,
Nurse, School Girl.


TV Appearances on Blokes World.


To many to list.
jasmine b is a stripper in melbourne
Jasmine b melbourne stripper

To book now Phone 0417 069 969 or Email for prices and show lists
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